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Ahmet KaratashName: Ahmet Karatash
Country: Turkey
Intro: merhabalar,
Karadeniz'in güzel köşelerinden biri olan Giresun'da 1971'de doğdum. Biyoloji alanında doktoramı tamamladım. Türkiye ve Orta Doğu'nun memelilerinin sistematik, ekoloji, biyoloji ve biyocoğrafyası konularında bilimsel çalışmalar yapmaktayım. Aynı zamanda başta kuşlar ve kelebekler olmak üzere doğa fotoğrafçılığıyla ilgileniyorum. TRAKUŞ ve TRAMEM sitelerinin de aktif üyesiyim.
Niğde Üniversitesi Biyoloji Bölümünde profesör öğretim üyesi olarak çalışmaktayım.
İlave bilgiler için A. Karataş'ın web sayfası.
Niğde'den selamlar...

Hi everybody,
Born in Giresun, one of beautiful parts of Karadeniz [Black Sea], in 1971. PhD in Biology. Studying on systematics, ecology, biology and biogeography of Turkish and the Middle Eastern mammals. In the same time interested in nature photography, especially birds and butterflies.
Member of TRAKUŞ and TRAMEM.
Currently full professor at Department of Biology of Niğde University.

Additional information is given on A. Karataş's web page.

...- Turkish Plants - Flora of Turkiye
...- LEPIDOPTERA of Turkiye and Cyprus
...- Birds of the Middle East -I-
...- Birds of the Middle East -II-
...- Birds of the Middle East -III-
...- Birds of Cyprus
...- Threskiornithidae (Ibises & Spoonbills)
...- Gruiformes (Turnalar, Crane-like)
...- Erithacus rubecula - Robin, Narbulbulu
...- Mammals in Turkiye & the Middle East
...- Bats - CHIROPTERA
My other favourites:
...- Karatash's other favorite -I-
...- Karatash's other favorite -II-

-------Some camera are listed just below with links. Most of them are my previous equipments or several ones (e.g. Nikons) belong to my friend. I used them for experience. My current equipments:
-Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
-Canon 600mm f/4L USM supertele
-Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro
-Canon 580 EX-II flash
-SanDisk 16GB Extrem Pro UDMA 90s/600x
-GITZO GT-3541LS tripod and wimberly "cobra" head.

Best regards from Niğde...
Ahmet Karataş
Hello my friends
I am a member of TN since March 04th, 2007. I sent a collage in last week (04.03.2011) for celebration on my 4th anniversary on TN and my 500th post. Unfortunately this post was removed by moderators. Therefore I have stopped my posts; at least for a hort time. By the time, I have posted several collage, for my previous anniversaries. One of them has been visited about 74.200 persons (200th post). I have many new species for TN from various animals, plants. I have tried to introduce many species of about 400 species, with some informative notes. As you know, TN is a nature photography web-site. At same time, it gives information on the living things in nature, not only photography. My collages are production of my labor. I have submitted them, with long notes, like an encyclopedia (see 200th post). I think that they are useful for many people. For this reason, I have tried to upload different species and so I can show more in biodiversity.
Additionally I have suggested membership of TN to many people from Turkiye and most of them are still a member of TN.
One of the moderators sent me an e-mail about reason of removing the post. I have newly learnt this rule.
Why these rules. The posts are not a result of plagiarism or not a result of manipulation or similar negative things.
Moreever, even the last collage is not good, it was only one among c. 212.000 posts on TN.
Also some of 16 photographs of the collage were different from my previous post. Others were in different sizes and cropped. I can say that my post was not againts the rules of TN.
My dear friend Ivan started a forum about this subject. My special thanks to Ivan. You can write your opinion.
Sorry my silence. I will wait for reposting by TN
or removing all posts by them.
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