perry mcguiganName: perry mcguigan
Country: Australia
Intro: please note that i am not a reciprocating point winner. of course, i will look at your photos, and enjoy them, but i may say nothing, or simply say thanks. equally, please do not give me points because i give you points. a message of thanks will make me happy.

you'll know if i REALLY love your photo because it will be on my favourites :)

i think this site is like an audition. you put something out, and you love it, and there is no response. then you put something out that you think is almost ok, and it is liked. it teaches you to think of the audience, and not of your ego. ultimately, you learn what is good, and what is not. and that is art.

in my produced family, we have irish, spanish, korean, south african and australian nationals. i hope to help promote international understanding and recognition here, through my photos and through my interaction with other members.
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