Foozi SaadName: Foozi Saad
Country: Malaysia
Intro: 28 December 2012
Life is getting busier and hectic, and age is catching fast too. Time is so limited yet there are so many things to do.
Appreciating nature and creations is a never ending story. Everyday you discover : new flowers, new birds, and so many new things.
TN provides these from over the world.
Thanks to ALL TN MEMBERS who tirelessly keep on postings.

20 July 2011
After 3 years in TrekNature. I have learnt a lot. Thanks to friends who critique and comment. The will is still very strong, and I could feel the time constraint.
So much to witness in the TN posts. The diversity of the flora and fauna on the earth is always surprising, and some even do not exist in a simple imagination.
The color combinations, the features, the characteristics, etc are really amazing.
With addition to the expert hands in manipulating the art of photography, the images are always stunning and superb. There are a lot to learn from nature and from TN friends.
I always respect each and every shot in view of the process as well the products. The main point is sharing the beauty of this earth, appreciating and try to our utmost to preserve it.
Nice time together!


" Worlds within worlds.Closeup photography enables you to journey great distances, yet at the same time see the perfection of the commonplace and discover life's underlying harmony and order. Seeing the smallest dewdrop, you can stand in awe of perfection" John Shaw - Focus on Nature (1992)

I'm not good in zoology or botany or any scientific discipline. Iím just an ordinary person who like nature. I really appreciate every contribution friends in TN give. I must admit I learnt a lot .
Two years being in TN really give me good thrill and wonderful excitement. The subjects and the presentations from TN friends are always lovely. The beauty of nature is so stunning, the photographic skills from TN experts are splendid, the critiques are very useful and helped lot in enhancing my photographic skills.
I hope we enjoy each otherís work as much as we enjoy the beauty of this earth.

To me, I leave the interpretation of my photos to individual taste and different individual styles.

Let us enjoy the spirit of Trek Nature!

Foozi Saad
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