Maj WahlroosName: Maj Wahlroos
Country: Finland
Intro: Hi,

I'm a total beginner in photoshooting but I've always loved taking photos. Now I'm trying to get to know my new Finepix S5, the very first SLR camera (it's called that, isn't it? :-) ). I have only one lens, no tri- or monopod...

I tend to take photos on subjects that I spot. I would like to take photos which make somekind of an impact or a "feeling" or araises thoughts. .. but I am just taking my first steps here...

I begun a member so that I could get some feedback on the photos I've done. This way I could learn from my mistakes and get an idea where to aim and what to avoid. I appreciate every little feedback, opinion or note that I will get, even if you did not like the photo! I truly do!


ps. I dont mind about the points, I'd rather would like to get your opinions..
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Camera: Fujifilm finepix S5 pro, Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5
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