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Steve ReekieName: Steve Reekie
Country: New Zealand
Intro: Hello,
I'm Steve,
I live on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.
I was born and went to school in England,and also lived on Niue Island and Rarotonga for a short while.
I've been a chef, a cave guide, a comedian and a farm worker.
I enjoy exploring the forest,kayak surfing, caving,skating,music and the arts.
My nickname (Lord Potty) was the stage name I used when I was a stand up comedian in Christchurch in the 1980's

I've been a member of Trek Nature since a couple of months after it began.
When I first began posting on TN,I lived at Pirongia,in the Waipa region of the North Island.
Most of my photographs then were taken on Mount Pirongia,an extinct volcano,southwest of Hamilton.
I had previously lived in the area when I worked as a cave guide at the famous Waitomo Glow Worm Caves.(Yes,I was the guy who walked around the edge of the boat in the Glow Worm Grotto)
I have a lifelong interest in caves and caving,probably first inspired by the books of Enid Blyton & Tolkien,and I've been lucky enough to explore some of New Zealand's finest caves.

In 2005 I moved to the South Islands West Coast,living first at Barrytown and then at Punakaiki.
The Coast is a place where the mountains and rainforest come right down to the sea.
There is sometimes snow on the hills nearby,and yet the coast doesn't often get frost.The climate here is almost subtropical and the coastal forests are full of Nikau Palms.
The rainforest here is as dense and luxuriant as any of the worlds thickest jungles,due to the high rainfall and warm climate.
Moss and lichen grow thick and green here,and little native spider orchids are everywhere.

The area has an incredibly varied geological makeup,with limestone gorges and caves,crystal clear rivers with sparking quartz and mica beds, and picturesque lakes and bays.

Punakaiki is also the location of the famous Pancake Rocks and Blowholes,and is home to some fascinating species,such as Hectors Dolphins,Little Blue Penguins and the rare Westland Black Petrel.

At the present time I am living in Greymouth,a small mining and fishing town,only about 30 minutes south of Punakaiki,but considerably cooler.
Most of my photos at now are taken around the coastal and alpine areas of Westland.

I enjoy exploring the different types of forest here and love nothing more than getting way off the beaten track,and finding those elusive little treasures of nature that most people never get to see.
I try to capture them in the most intimate and natural way possible.
You'll find all sorts here.Wildlife, strange plants and fungi,landscapes and the odd 'arty' shot.
You'll see macros of fungi and orchids that have never been photographed before,some of which have not even been classified yet.

I hope you'll continue to enjoy New Zealands wilderness through my photos.

If you enjoy my shots here,then check out the cool stuff on my website:

New Zealand Wild

... and take a look at my awesome New Zealand Fungi themes ...

Fungi Of New Zealand

New Zealand Fungi

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