Fardad GhaneiName: Fardad Ghanei
Country: Iran
Intro: I'm a professional Project Schheduler, and also an active member of "Iran Young Tourists Society" living in Tehran.
During my trips I found myself pretty much interested in Photography.
When I found about this website, I thought it could be a great place to share and contribute ... I can show different people what Iran is like and also know about their opinions on my photography!
As an amateur who's still learning, I welcome all of you people commenting on my photos and letting me know of how they can probably be improved.
Member Since: 2008-06-19
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D, Canon Power Shot A720 IS, Canon PowerShot S2 IS
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Title: About Sunset ...Canon PowerShot S2 IS
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Title: Cactus
Cactus (2)
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Title: Dragonfly
Fardad (81)
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