1. What does the number next to the photo or member name mean?
    The number next to the photo denotes the total points received for that particular photo. The number next to the member name denotes the total points received for all photos by that member. Points are computed as follows:
    Needs Improvement: +0
    Good: +1
    Great: +2
    No Rating: +0
  2. Why are the rating icons not displayed after writing 20 critiques?
    Rated critiques are limited to 20 per 24 hour period. There is no limit for writing unrated critiques.
  3. What's the difference between a critique and comment?
    Critiques should contain specific information as to why a photo is good or not. Comments should contain information not related to the artistic or technical aspects of the photo.
  4. Why are written critiques necessary when making a critique?
    Written critiques are necessary in order for members to understand why one gave a particular rating. Giving a rating without an explanation as to why you gave that rating is not particularly helpful. The reason the point system is in place is for a way to filter highly rated photos to the main TrekNature page.
  5. How does a workshop image compare to a final version image?
    Any member may post a workshop image for workshop-enabled photos. There may be multiple workshop image postings for a photo. Only the original photographer may post a final version image using the Re-Post option from within their account. This final version image is then linked to the original image which is useful for comparisons and also allows the original critiques and discussions to remain.
  6. What do the gold or silver icons next to a member name mean?
    The gold or silver icons denote a highly rated member. These icons may be combined.
    Gold Star Critiquer / Silver Star Critiquer Gold/Silver Star Critiquer
    Gold Workshop Editor / Silver Workshop Editor Gold/Silver Workshop Editor
    Gold Note Writer / Silver Note Writer Gold/Silver Note Writer
    Each time a member marks a fellow member's critique/workshop/note as Useful, the member receives one point. If the total Useful points received are 50 or higher, the member is designated a corresponding Gold icon. If the points are 10 or higher, a member is designated a corresponding Silver icon.
  7. I just rated a photo, but don't see my rating reflected in the total photo or member points (the number in parenthesis next to each photo or member). Why?
    To make TrekNature run as quickly as possible, ratings are cached. They are refreshed every 15 minutes.
  8. In what order are photos displayed?
    Photos are displayed from most recent uploaded to oldest.
  9. The photo I uploaded isn't sharp. Is any post-processing done on uploaded images?
    There is no post-processing done on uploaded images. It is recommended to sharpen photos before uploading photos to TrekNature. Please see Microsoft's Understanding Sharpening for detailed information on why sharpening is important, and how to do it.
  10. Is direct linking of photos permitted?
    Direct linking is used to link photos directly to one website from another website. This is not permitted for a couple of main reasons. One is that if direct linking were permitted, bandwidth would quickly be used up. Another reason is that people on the other website would not realize the photo is being stored on TrekNature. Therefore if you want to display a photo on another website, I recommend displaying the link to the entire page containing the photo. For example, if you want to show my photo of Himeji Castle, you could display the link to the page:
    "Check out this photo of Himeji Castle! http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Japan/Kinki/Hyogo/Himeji/photo284.htm"
  11. What kind of HTML may be used in the Photographer Notes, Critiques or Intro sections?
    <B>Bold</B>, <I>Italic</I>, and <A>Link</A> tags are supported. Any other tags such as color, font size etc. are not supported and may be removed in the future.
  12. How do I make a link in my Intro/note/critique?
    <a href="http://www.treklens.com">This is a link to TrekLens</a>
  13. I signed in, but when I click on another page I get signed out automatically. Why?
    In order to use this site, it's necessary to enable cookies.
  14. How may I purchase a print or digital image?
    You must contact the photographer directly by clicking the 'Contact Me' link next to the photographer's name in their 'Intro' page. In order to do so you will need to register with TrekNature first. If you still have problems contacting the photographer, please email [email protected] with your request and it will be forwarded to them. Excessive requests may not be processed.
  15. I have a question that I don't see answered in the FAQ. Who may I contact with questions about TrekNature?
    Feel free to post questions in one of the TrekNature forums, or you may send an email to [email protected].